85% of women

85% of the women in the adult entertainment industry have been sexually abused as little girls. We create a safe environment where they can heal and grow in their understanding of God’s grace and love towards them.


There are hundreds of women hearing the Gospel each week. Let’s reach more, together.

5,000 women

There are 5,000 women working in strip clubs in Kentucky. We don’t wait for these women to find us, we actively reach out to them with love and a home cooked meal.
Heeled is a radical conference focused to equip God's people to share the hope and love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry and walk with each woman and man through their healing journey in a relationship with Jesus. READ MORE & PURCHASE TICKET(S) HERE

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Meet Alea

I’m Alea Petersen and I’m the Ministry Coordinator! I handle a lot of the projects and events as well as volunteer coordinating. Also, I coordinate our discipleship program which includes a weekly Bible study and providing Christ-centered community and care for women coming from the sex industry. Growing up in ministry, I got to serve […]

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We had been waiting all day for the show to begin. I kept expecting it to start but it wasn’t dark enough yet. Finally the sun had completely set, and one by one, fireworks exploded in the air. I watched as the fireworks lit up the darkness for three seconds before the sparks blended into […]

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10 Things Not To Say When Meeting A Survivor of Sex Trafficking

We mean well. We don’t intend to be insensitive. But sometimes our words are still hurtful to those who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. With the help of some people who’ve felt the effect of unintentionally damaging words first-hand, we’ve created this list so we can better communicate love to these individuals. 1. “WHAT WAS […]

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